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What drives us?

We decided in 2008 that we wanted to pursue the "racing thing" as a career, and have decided to give it everything we have.With two small kids we want to have a future for them as well.


Rodney Williford is the "go to guy" for pretty much everything. He does it all!!! From phone consultations todyno tuning to all motor work he is always there. He oversees every aspect of Williford Racing.

Amber WIlliford is thebusiness manager and point of contactfor appointments, scheduling and ordering parts. She can let you know when things can happen.

Jimmie Williford drives us to all the races and track events.He is also learning the workings of all the things we do.He has been in the trucking industry and doing mechanic work for over 2 decades so his input is fantastic.

Greg Wallace is involved in motor work and development. He is always working with Rodney on new ideas and ways to make things better.

We just want a chance to serve the racing community and work at doing something we really enjoy.

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