Williford Racing, LLC  

Business Philosophy
There is no business without customers!!


The main goal of Williford Racing is to be a driving force in the racing community.   The Williford Racing crew wants everyone who wants to ride to be able to find a way to ride.   Also, we want to use our research and development team to find superior ways to make motorcycles create more horsepower and perform better on and off the track.


We are very fortunate to have a very involved family who all support the racing scene in their own way from Papa Jimmie, the crew chief, to Greg bringing in all of the "Candy Bikes."   Everyone that we race with or "against " has helped us to become better and more efficient at what we do.   Our customer backing ... they know who they are and that's the reason we have been successful thus far!


Rodney has enjoyed motorcycles since he could walk and decided that since it was so costlly to build fast bikes that he should learn how to do it himself.   With a degree from UNC-Wilmington from the Cameron business school, he decided to make a business plan. Now, he is striving to develop new ways to modify and build race bikes and street bikes to maximize their potential. All Rodney is trying to do is find newer and better ways to get horsepower and performance out of the motorcycles.  From the Piedmont Drag Strip to the MIROCK series people would always ask for advice and suggest that we open a business and so in 2008 we decided to pursue working on motorcycles as a full time venture for our family.

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